For more than 100 years, Nutricia has pioneered innovation in early life nutrition and specialty medical nutrition.


Martinus and Jan van der Hagen produced "kindermilk", the first milk formula for toddlers in the world made from the results of research by Prof. Backhous in Germany regarding optimal nutrition for children.


The van der Hagens began using the name Nutricia, which is now a worldwide famous brand for its expertise in nutrition in early life.


Nutricia opened its first research center specifically aimed at developing toddler nutrition in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Currently, Nutricia has more than 200 scientists in three research facilities in various parts of the world.


PT. Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera (NIS) was established with a commitment and dedication to fulfill the basic nutritional needs of Indonesian mothers and children.


PT NIS operates its factory in Ciracas, East Jakarta.


PT NIS collaborates with the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), Indonesian Pediatric College and the Dutch Pediatric Society to establish the Nutricia Indonesia Fund (NIF), which aims to provide accredited continuing education, a symposium to share knowledge and scholarships to help Indonesia develop a world class pediatric community.


The patented lcFOS / scGOS (1: 9) formula was first used in Nutrilon Royal and Nutrilon products in Indonesia.


Nutricia was acquired by Danone Group.


PT NIS launched Club Nutricia, an online support community club for parents and prospective parents. Currently Nutricia has two community clubs, namely BebeClub and NutriClub, which has more than 500,000 members in Indonesia.


Nutricia opened Biopolis, a bipolar research lab in Singapore to lead clinical trials in the Asia Pacific, including Indonesia.


Collaborating with Indonesian Nutritionists Association (INA) and Medical faculties at several well-known universities in Indonesia, PT NIS launched an education support program on Early Life Nutrition (Early Life Nutrition or ELN) for health practitioners and the community.


PT NIS launched the Sugizindo Sustainable Development program in Sentul, Bogor, in collaboration with PERGIZI PANGAN and IPB. This program integrates health, education and economic stimulation through Integrated Service Posts (Posyandu), Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and creative economic development.


Nutricia launches 24/7 Careline as part of a community club dedicated to providing unconditional services for parents in Indonesia.