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15 October 2016

Invite Mother to Share Love through L.O.V.E Dance to Support Quick Response and Care for Your Child

Medan, 15 October 2016 – Bebelac is committed to supporting mothers in raising children great. Therefore, after the success of BebeHero, Bebelac is now inviting mothers to share their love with L.O.V.E dance, through the Grow Them Great BebeHero Hi-5 campaign. This time, BebeHero Hi-5 greeted Medan after being successfully held at Surabaya in September. Since its launch in March 2016, this program has reached more than 5 million mothers in Indonesia through both online and offline media.
Through the L.O.V.E dance, mothers will be able to stimulate their children to become responsive (IQ) and caring children (EQ) from an early age, through movements that attract attention and are easily imitated by children. Combined with pleasant music, mothers can also stimulate children's cognitive abilities. Mother can also add a message of concern and affection by involving the precious one to presents their dance to someone they loves.

Bebelac believes that great children are children who are not only intelligent but also have a sense of caring. Therefore, stimulation and nutrition are needed in accordance with the child's growth and development. Bebelac contains fish oil and linoleic acid and vitamins and minerals to support children's growth and development so that children can easily receive stimulation from parents,” said Andi Airin, Bebelac Marketing Manager, PT. Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera.
He further added that through the Grow Them Great BebeHero Hi-5 campaign, Bebelac invited mothers to share moments of happiness with their children and inspire other mothers to upload their child's L.O.V.E dance videos to website. Aside from fun stimulation form, L.O.V.E dance activities can also strengthen the relationship between mother and child.

Not only stimulation, every parents must provide proper nutrition to children in accordance with the stages of growth and development, including those containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, such as linolenic acid and linoleic acid which are contained in fish oil, as well as vitamins and minerals obtained from vegetables, side dishes, and milk. “If the child has good nutrition, he will become more responsive and solid in the learning process so that he can increase self-confidence and ability to care for others,” added Andi Airin.
According to research, verbal interactions between parents and children play an important role in optimizing parenting to produce children with great character. Therefore, it is very important for parents to provide stimulation and activities that stimulate child development through the activities of dancing and singing.

According to Nadya Prameswari, a Psychologist from Dandelion House, “Dancing and singing have been proven to provide a significant correlation to children's intelligence and emotional maturity. Besides being a gateway to the learning process, teaching children to sing and perform actions such as dancing to the rhythm of music is very good for the development of balance, motor coordination, sensitivity and rhythm of the body. creativity, and psychosocial (emotional regulation, self-control, and social skills)”

Furthermore, she added that the activity of dancing and singing is very enjoyable to be done together between mother and child. This is an active play activity that is not only rich in stimulation, but also involves verbal interaction and emotional closeness that can foster a sense of empathy for children, especially at the age of "The Play Years", namely two to six years of age where play activities develop with very fast. In addition, positive values ​​can be inserted through children's favorite activities so that the learning process feels pleasant and better understood.

Bebelac believes that the value of goodness is the value that must be nurtured since childhood by providing the right stimulus and nutrition. Bebelac hopes that L.O.V.E dance can be a useful activity for mothers in Indonesia to hone responsiveness and care to make your little one great.