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Nutricia has more than 100 years dedicated itself to innovation in the field of early nutrition (ELN) for mothers and children.

We invest in research and development to gain a better understanding of metabolic imprinting, the digestive and immune systems. We are determined to continue to study the correlation between healthy nutrition and early growth, from pre-pregnancy to various stages of pregnancy, to early childhood.

Through research that has been supported by a global cooperation network, Nutricia presents a product line with special prebiotic combinations designed to support the fulfillment of balanced nutrition for those who are suitable for the needs of mothers and toddlers in Indonesia at an important stage of their development, from pregnancy to early childhood.

Nutricia will always strive to realize its commitment to invest in the field of research in order to be able to maintain quality and develop better new products for the early stages of life, for mothers and toddlers in Indonesia.

research & Innovations

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  • Our innovation

    The Nutricia research team continues to innovate to provide the best to mothers and children in Indonesia

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    As part of the Danone Early Life Nutrition, our research and development is based on world-class science and is supported by scientists spread in Nutricia's research centers.