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Nutrinidrink Powder 400 gr

Nutrinidrink is a Solid Nutrition Formula to regulate diet in children with a risk of malnutrition.

Nutrinidrink Powder 400g

Now Nutricia is here to present a range of products to supplement the nutritional needs of the child when it's sick through the Nutrinidrink variant.

Nutrinidrink adalah Formula Padat Nutrisi untuk mengatur pola makan pada anak dengan risiko gizi kurang.

Nutrinidrink contains a variety of complete nutrients such as:

  • Energy of 1.5 kcal / ml to help provide energy, which, under certain conditions, cannot be met from solid food
  • Protein, 12 vitamins and 10 minerals to help children grow
  • Linoleic acid 0.57 g / 100 kcal and alpha linolenic acid 0.1 g / 100 kcal as essential fatty acids

*Consult a doctor for handling proper nutrition