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Energy-dense formula to help increase and maintain children weight at risk of weight faltering.


Nutrinidrink is the only Oral Nutrition Supplement (ONS) with an energy content of 1.5 kcal / mL for children over 1 year old and can be used as a single source of nutrition or as a complementary food for children over 1 year of age.

With a formula that has been validated through clinical trials, it is clinically proven to increase body weight within 28 days of use. With a condition if we used appropriately according to the child's condition based on the instructions of health professionals.

Nutrinidrink contains 6 types of Food Multi Fiber named “Multi Fiber MF6”. Dietary fiber is pre-biotic and clinically proven to improve digestive health. Nutrinidrink is available with 3 flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla with 200 ml packaging.

*Please consult to Health Care Professional for proper nutrition handling