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Nutrilon Royal

Make your children One Step Ahead by giving the right nutrition Nutrilon Royal in their infancy.

Nutrilon Royal 3 ActiDuoBio+

NewNutrilon Royal 3 now comes with the latest innovations, with the combination of ActiDuoBio + gold, various flavors such as  vanilla and honey. Support the growth of your 3-6 years old one to make it a step further.

Nutrilon Royal comes with ActiDuoBio + Gold Combination to help strengthen your child’s body resilience and thinking ability. Which has 2 important benefits:

  1. Body Resistance : FOS: GOS 1: 9, patented and clinically tested, Vitamin C & E to help strengthen the body's resistance
  2. Thinking Abilities: Omega 3, DHA, Omega 6, and Iron to support your child's thinking ability

Nutricia with more than 100 years of experience in the field of Early Life Nutrition, supported by hundreds of experts in Europe, presenting Nutrilon Royal with ActiDuoBio+

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