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Neocate Advance

Neocate Advance is the only hypoallergenic formula with 100% basic amino acids in Indonesia

Neocate Advance
  • Neocate Advance as a complement to the allergy care series is an amino acid formula without the protein content of cow's milk, so it is very safe for your little one who still has cow's milk allergy, and is indicated for the little one with allergies to various food proteins and other clinical conditions that require formula amino acids as their intake.
  • Equipped with high energy (1 kcal / ml) and high MCT content (35%) to fulfill the needs of Nutrition Growing up in children who experience allergies, and according to the needs of children aged 1-12 years. 
  • The only hypoallergenic formula with 100% non-allergenic amino acid content in Indonesia, which can help overcome the symptoms of cow's milk allergy more rapidly and support the growth of your baby to continue growing without obstacles from allergies.

*Consult a doctor for handling proper nutrition