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22 Juni 2020

Taman Kehati is an effort to preserve biodiversity to support clean water supply, conservation and food availability and to help the economy of the community around the campus environment of IPB

Jakarta, May 29, 2020 - The enactment of health protocols such as PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) in a number of regions is one of the government's steps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia. The application of this rule in the campus environment, including Campus IPB, has an impact on the reduced economic activity of the community around the campus. These conditions encourage Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia to carry out one of its sustainability initiatives in the Biodiversity Park (Kehati) located at the IPB Campus in Dramaga, Bogor, West Java.

Vera Galuh Sugijanto, VP General Secretary of Danone Indonesia explained, "In the midst of this situation, we are committed to contribute to mitigating the impact of the pandemic in Indonesia. Through the Labor Intensive Program in Taman Kehati, we empower students and communities who focus on infrastructure development and care activities that follow applicable health protocols. In addition to absorbing labor and providing direct benefits in the form of income that can be used to meet the nutritional needs of families, Taman Kehati also aims to increase biodiversity and support the provision of clean water for campus residents. "

The labor intensive program in Taman Kehati IPB which has been going on since May 5-22, 2020 actively involves 4 (four) students and alumni who cannot return to their hometowns and 5 (five) surrounding residents who have lost income due to lack of economic activity. All parties involved carry out an inventory of trees, clearing areas, and planning for the grand design. This program uses a cash for work approach so that the parties involved can immediately receive benefits through cash.

Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, SP MSi, as the Chancellor of IPB University appreciated the innovation in the sustainability program in the Campus area of IPB. "The collaboration of Danone SN and our institution in developing Taman Kehati around the campus of IPB is very much supported by us because it is in line with the tridarma program of tertiary institutions and helps realize the Green Campus 2020 program. In addition, community involvement in labor-intensive activities really helps those affected by the COVID pandemic- 19 ".

Park Kehati development collaboration program is one of the manifestations of the Green Campus 2020 initiative which is a high commitment of IPB University in building a culture of increasing energy efficiency and conservation of biological resources. This effort is done through improving the quality of the environment, to create a healthy campus environment and a conducive learning environment in a sustainable manner.

The collaboration of Danone SN Indonesia, IPB University, and Jauhar partners through the Taman Kehati Program which began in April 2020 focused on the preservation and enrichment of biodiversity on 8.65 Ha of green open land on the Dramaga University IPB Campus. Taman Kehati will be planted with various types of plants, functioned as a local and rare plant laboratory, biodiversity research center by the IPB academic community, and the wider community around the campus.

Mr. Apen as one of the residents around the campus who participated in this labor-intensive program revealed, "This activity is very helpful to support my family during the pandemic. Previously, I was a motorcycle taxi driver around campus. I lost my livelihood because the campus of IPB was closed and students were no longer active in the campus area. "

In addition to providing assistance to beneficiaries, this biodiversity conservation activity will also utilize existing lakes to support the provision of access to clean water with a debit of 15 liters / second which can be utilized for 7,500 members of the IPB academic community. It is planned that runoff water from the lake will be channeled to the water treatment plant by gravity so that it will save electricity and water purification costs in the future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Danone SN Indonesia has worked with various government and social institutions to provide 33,000 ready-to-eat food packages to medical personnel and distribute more than 48,000 donations of growth milk products and pregnant and lactating mothers to families and communities in need. In addition to Taman Kehati, other support provided by Danone SN Indonesia through IPB University is a total of more than 500 nutritional product packages consisting of Bebelac Gold milk for children over 1 year old, SGM Mother's milk for pregnant women, and Mizone drinks for the underprivileged. around campus.

"The Labor Intensive Program in Taman Kehati is one of the various efforts of the Indonesian SN Danone in helping to prevent, mitigate, and alleviate the burden of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this program can create productive employment and support the fulfillment of nutrition to promote public health. ", Close Vera.