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07 Agustus 2020

Jakarta, 7 August 2020 - Security and safety in the work environment is a reflection of the company's commitment to employees. Especially in a factory environment with high mobility, work safety and security can be a measure of company success. Recently, Danone Specialized Nutrition (SN) Indonesia managed to record achievements in occupational safety and health by recording 4500 Zero Accident Days at the Sugizindo Factory in Citeureup, Bogor, West Java. The Sugizindo factory is one of the four factories owned by Danone SN Indonesia.

Delta Deritawan, Manufacturing Director of Danone SN Indonesia explained that the company is committed to creating a safe and comfortable work culture for all our employees, especially in production facilities or factories. "We make various efforts to control and anticipate the potential hazards in the work environment. This achievement of 4500 Accident-Free Days is a joint achievement that makes us proud and encourages us to be even better, "said Delta.

Security and safety in the work environment are measured by the absence of workplace incidents or accidents that injure, cause loss of life, and make sick employees or partners in the company work environment. The achievement of 4500 days without accidents is a form of cooperation and high commitment between various parties. Management, employees and companies move together to make the Danone SN Indonesia factory in Sentul a safe place to work.

"To get this achievement is not easy. We carry out various activities and efforts to provide safe and qualified facilities in the production process at the factory. A safe working environment is a basic requirement so that we can deliver quality products and meet quality standards for the health of mothers and children in Indonesia. " added Delta.

Not only does it stop at the factory environment, this achievement also inspires employees at the SN Indonesia Danone factory at Citeureup - otherwise known as Sentul Factory - to share experiences and implement safety in the factory to be applied to their respective families at home and surrounding communities . So hopefully, all employees at the Sugizindo Factory can become agents of change and model security and safety, Delta explained.

In the future, Delta continued, his party will continue to set new targets to measure the extent of future achievements. "We will target 5000 days without accidents so that we can continue to be motivated to involve all employees and related parties in the factory," concluded Delta.

Danone SN Indonesia is part of the Danone company in Indonesia which produces various nutritional products for mothers and children. Danone SN Indonesia's factory in Sentul has been operating since 1987 and employs 132 employees.