Life at Danone

Great Place to Grow

Because we are part of the DANONE family, working at Nutricia opens the door to opportunities and challenges for careers at national, regional and international levels. Danone recruits employees who are looking for achievements and ready to always learn. With support and guidance, Danoners (Danone employees) are responsible for shaping their own careers and contributing to business performance.

Every employee have the same opportunity to grow, to fulfill their potential and explore their creativity. Each employee shares the same vision and common bond to build Nutricia's leadership through continuous focus on product quality, service, customer satisfaction and social responsibility. For people with high levels of energy and commitment, Danone is the perfect place to challenge the status quo and generate breakthrough ideas. Because our culture is based on initiative and empowerment, every day can be a fresh adventure - full of new possibilities and real excitement.

Danone focuses on developing and developing local and regional talents. There are various programs to improve the careers of Danone employees through international assignments and projects. Every employee is encouraged to shape their career path by taking turns across functions, contexts and cultures. Mobility is determined by mutual agreement with employees, taking into account their personal situation, their aspirations in terms of career progress and organizational needs.

We care about employee development by enabling them to have the various competencies and skills needed to excel in their work. We invest heavily in providing comprehensive local and foreign training for our employees. In Indonesia, we have the Danone Indonesia Academy that implements a program that allows all employees to develop well in their professional and personal lives. As a smart organization, we have the Danone Academy 2.0 platform, where Danoners can access learning 24/7 at their fingertips. All development programs and platforms are designed to achieve our targets: 80% of our vacancies / vacant positions must be filled internally.

Why Work with Us

At Danone, we work with these principles:

A health mission: bring health through food to as many people as possible.

Let's be inspired by our mission that wants to realize the health of Indonesian people at all stages of their lives. You will be proud to work in a company that is 100% committed to products that improve health. By focusing on the interests of customers, we always go the extra mile to ensure we only produce the best quality products and uphold high ethical standards.

You will collaborate with the best experts to continue to improve the quality of our products. We not only comply with local regulations, but furthermore, we achieve best practices according to international standards.

A commitment to business success and social progress: multiple projects.

At Danone, we believe that success is not only about business results, but also about how much we can contribute to social progress. Danone is growing rapidly in Indonesia, with our Aqua products which are the most widely sold bottled water products in the world, and our Early Life Nutrition products are growing rapidly from year to year. The success of our products means we can improve the quality of life of the community.

Our commitment to social progress is not only shown through the various local eco-system projects that we have embraced, but more importantly, it has become an integral part of decision-making in whatever field we work on.

Empowering and open leadership style.

Danone is a company for people who really want to make a difference. We welcome different ideas and ways to achieve our goals. You will have the necessary autonomy and flexibility to work as best you can and apply your ideas and initiatives.

Be responsible for your career path through full support from our leaders and various self-development opportunities available. Together, we will identify your professional and personal goals and build programs around those goals. You will then take control as the ship's captain sails through the infinite sea to develop and study as long as you grow on Danone.

Culture that fosters collective impact and teamwork.

At Danone, we embrace a dynamic environment in all of our different business units, but at the same time we increase our synergy as “One Danone”. We have an open culture where ideas and suggestions will come from anywhere and initiatives are discussed and implemented both at the global and local levels .

Danone will respect you. You are gifted in a unique way, and deserve the same respect and opportunity regardless of your background and role. You will join a team of professionals who are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion to take advantage of everyone's potential .


Our culture is a family-oriented culture and is based on a strong spirit to provide the best for the Indonesian people through healthy nutrition. You will find an informal management style that promotes simple relationships and without distance between employees. A relaxed and friendly environment fosters a mindset of closeness where you can easily discuss and build networks with all Danoners regardless of their position in the company.

Here at Nutricia, we embrace diversity. The people we work with come from diverse backgrounds, ages and genders. However, diversity is not solely about gender, age, ethnicity ... but about recognizing the uniqueness of each employee and recognizing the added value of these different differences for Danone. Danone believes that the strength of the group and its ability to generate new ideas come directly from its capacity to accept various profiles / characteristics.

Fun @ work

To be productive in the workplace, we realize that the office environment must be designed to make it easier for employees to have sufficient opportunities to relate to each other. At Dan Lounge, comfortable sofas and entertainment corners would help us to relax and refresh our minds. Healthy food is provided to encourage healthy eating habits.

Arts and sports clubs are held where employees can choose different arts and sports activities according to their interests.

We support work life balance for our colleagues, a working mothers could access a free child care facilities that held every year around Ramadan and after the Eid holidays because we realize in these period of time they needed to work and in need of assisting support for their children.