The First 1000 Days of Life

The First 1000 Days of Life

What we believe

The first thousand days in a child's life - from the formation of the fetus in the womb to a 2-year-old child - is a window of great opportunity to build the child's long-term health foundation. Provision of good nutrition and the formation of healthy living habits during this critical period are very important. 

Ensuring the availability of the right nutrition for the first thousand days has a big impact on the child's future. Proper nutrition provides the potential to save millions of lives worldwide each year, by reducing health conditions such as malnutrition, shortness, obesity and diabetes.

Our goal

We are collaborating with passionate partners, to jointly mobilize and motivate stakeholders to better understand the health benefits resulting from good nutrition in the early stages of life.

We invest in scientific research on nutrition early in life, and collaborate with health experts to develop innovative ways to help improve the health of present and future generations.

We strive to ensure that all parents have access to simple and relevant dietary guidelines at all stages, for the first thousand days of the child, thus enabling them to make appropriate eating choices and information for their children.

Our commitment

We support the formation of healthy nutrition in the early stages of life through the ethical education, services and marketing programs of our products. We also offer products designed to fulfill the specific nutritional needs of each of our customers. We provide high standards of quality and food safety for millions of prospective mothers, parents and children around the world who depend on us every day.