Corporate Principles

Corporate Principles

Our attitude towards consumers, colleagues, the community and the environment around us is a reflection of our firm commitment in helping to improve the nutritional status of mothers and children throughout Indonesia.

Working Area

Employees who are under the auspices of the company are potential resources for the company. We carry out various efforts to provide the best for employees

  • Safeguard employee welfare by complying with prevailing labor policies and regulations.
  • Obligation to respect human rights (HAM) and avoid the risks of various aspects of human rights.
  • Berkomitmen untuk menghindari fraud dan korupsi melalui kebijakan Anti-Fraud sebagai salah satu mekanisme analisis risiko korupsi di seluruh perilaku bisnis.
  • Commit to avoid fraud and corruption through Anti-Fraud policy as one of the mechanisms for analyzing corruption in all business behavior.
  • Improve competencies to support the transition of positions, responsibilities and careers that adds value to companies and stakeholders around.
  • Ensure a clean, healthy, comfortable and safe work environment.

Commercial Area

Efforts to protect and ensure the security for our consumers from upstream to downstream. Starting from concept development, research and product development, certification, production, storage and logistics, distribution, marketing and sales, to use and disposal.

  • Maintain the safety and quality of nutritious, affordable, tasty and high-quality products.
  • Ensure product safety by exceeding compliance with standards that apply to product quality and safety
  • Certain that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies.
  • Protect consumers by executing responsible marketing practices, going beyond compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Providing reliable customer service centers on all fronts. Ranging from toll-free calls, short messages, electronic mail, to digital media such as websites and social media accounts.


We try our best to actualize responsibility and concern to protect planet earth where we live and work. 

  • Active in environmental protection efforts by running a business in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • Attempting to control and reduce the level of carbon emissions and other air pollutants.
  • Saves energy in almost every production processes.
  • Cultivate water waste and flow it back to the river for public use.
  • Control the negative impacts of production on the environment in the form of non-toxic solid waste and toxic waste.


We are committed to support the community to achieve their empowerment for better prosperity and quality of life.

  • Encourage community independence in specific health programs, nutrition, economic and social education.
  • Contribute in efforts to improve the quality of children's education.
  • Disseminate information about maternal and child nutrition by involving trusted experts.
  • Foster knowledge and skills of professional health experts.
  • Assisting victims of natural disasters through nutrition development and economic empowerment.
  • Support activities outside the company that focuses on improving the nutritional status of mothers and children.
  • Partnering with competent institutions and entities to help improve the nutritional status of mothers and children.