Training & Development

We commit to create a learning culture where the best and brightest in Indonesia can cultivate their careers.
Nutricia Academy
training&development2 Nutricia Academy is designed as an introduction to non-manager employees & third party employees (telemarketers, brand ambassadors) about what it takes to enrich their knowledge. The materials shared in the sessions vary from practical knowledge about the industry to complementary soft skills that are relevant to the receiver of the materials.
Bo Le
training&development1 The attraction of new talents and their successful integration is a priority. Bo Le program was designed to develop next-generation Asian leaders who to drive a sustainable and positive performance for the company in the future. Materials taught in the course are mainly about self-improvement, critical thinking, and leadership.
Career Cafe
training&development3 Career development means taking control of your own destiny. This self-reliant career management media is targeting the Gen-Y employees entering the workplace. This program helps them by providing essential knowledge grounding about working in corporate world, important career skills, and fundamentals positive mindset to help their career excel with the company.
Supervisors/ Managers Development Program (SDP/ MDP)
training&development4 Communication is the key to personal and career success. The program offers essential skills for employees (especially new supervisors & new managers) to improve their leadership competencies in the ever changing challenge that needs adaptation. Nutricia made this program to prepare their potential employees as the company’s future leaders.