Our Commitment to R&D

Komitmen Kami Terhadap Riset dan Pengembangan (R&D) Nutricia telah lebih dari 30 tahun menekuni penelitian ilmiah mengenai gizi awal kehidupan (Early Life Nutrition/ELN).
Our Research is Based on the Wonder of Human Milk

Breast milk is a natural wonder. It has a highly complex composition that seems to continuously evolve as infants develop to deliver optimum nutrition at every stage of a young life. Human milk has many positive effects for newborns and infants.  The naturally occurring nutrients in the breast milk of a healthy mother help develop critical growth functions that impact both short-term and long-term health.


Nutricia has been dedicated for more than 30 years to the scientific study of early life nutrition for mothers and young children. We invest a significant amount into research and development in order to provide us with a better understanding of metabolic imprinting. We are committed to continuous learning on the correlation between specific nutrients and the healthy growth of children from pre-conception throughout the many stages of pregnancy up to early childhood.

Through our research we look at every aspect of early life nutrition – from maternal physiology during pregnancy and lactation to the unique composition and health benefits of human breast milk that have the most profound effects on critical aspects of early child growth and development. Our scientists analyze nutrition absorption and metabolism, the development of gut function and microbiota, the immune system, brain development and metabolism in both infants and young children. In addition, we study the impact of mothers’ nutrition on breast milk composition as well as the potential impacts of geography and genetic make-up.

We focus our research to enable us to develop ingredients similar to the ingredients found in breast milk. Breast milk has the most profound effect on the critical aspects of early child growth and development. That is what in turn led to one of our most significant breakthrough innovations in early life nutrition:

The Nutricia research team were the first to detect long chain human milk oligosaccharides, leading to the development of our short-chainGOS/long-chainFOS mixture. This led to the development of our patented scGOS/lcFOS (9:1). (Stahl B, Thurl S, Zeng J, Karas M, Hillenkamp F, Steup M, Sawatzki G, Anal. Biochem. 1994, 223, 218-226: Stahl B, Thurl S, et al. Anal Biochem 1994; 223:218-226)

Our research has enabled us to bring to Indonesia the most comprehensive product line available today, with specialized formulations to promote healthy, balanced nutrition for moms, babies and toddlers at critical stages of development from pregnancy through early childhood.

Nutricia’s commitment to invest in research to drive new product development for mothers and offer new and improved healthy formulations for children continues today.  We have more than 200 research scientists in 3 dedicated facilities, including our state-of-the-art research lab in Singapore, leading our clinical trials in Asia, including Indonesia.