Nutricia offers opportunities to those who believe in the same values about mothers & children nutrition and wish to be a part of our company

Vacant Position Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera

Nutricia is a fast growing leading company in the Indonesian market for premium, specialized and innovative nutrition for babies and toddlers. We are a specialized company, 100% dedicated to nutritional products for babies and toddlers and aim to actively contribute to the healthy growth and development of our vulnerable consumers.

Our quality and food safety standards are amongst the highest in the industry and guarantee the premium quality of our products.  With leading and prestigious brands as Nutrilon and Bebelac we offer nutritional products for very important stages of life.

Current Vacancies:

  1. Branch Controller
  2. Engineering Senior Supervisor NIS – Site & Utility Engineer
  3. Medical Key Account & Distribution Manager
  4. Master Production Schedule (MPS) Planner 
  5. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Planner 
  6. Production Junior Manager 
  7. Senior Brand Manager – Nutrilon
  8. Up & Downstream Quality