Nutricia Indonesia Fund

The Nutricia Indonesia Fund plays an important role in helping ensure our country develops a world-class pediatrician community.
Nutricia’s Commitment to Develop Indonesia’s Health Professional Communities

The Nutricia Indonesia Fund was founded in 1995 by Prof. Sofyan Ismael of Indonesia and Prof. H.K. Visser of the Netherlands. It is an independent organization developed in partnership with the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), Indonesian Pediatric College and Dutch Pediatric Society.

Together these groups collaborate to provide accredited ongoing education, knowledge sharing symposiums, scholarships and other programs The Nutricia Indonesia Fund seven key continuing education initiatives are:

Scientific Workshop

Experts from the Dutch and Indonesia Pediatric Society lead lectures, plenary sessions, case discussions and pediatric ward visits at local hospitals for bed side teaching. Since 1995, more than 80% of Indonesian pediatricians have attended these scientific workshops that have the highest Continuing Medical Education accreditation points awarded by IDAI.

Young Investigator Meetings

Young pediatricians have the opportunity to participate in workshops to learn how to publish research results in international medical journals. By the end of 2012, some 43 research proposals have been submitted as a result of Young Investigator Meetings held in 2009 and 2011.

Medical Writing Workshops

These are two-day programs that facilitate essential scientific and medical writing skills for young pediatricians. Nutricia Indonesia Fund has hosted Medical Writing Workshops in 6 cities and has plans to hold events in 8 other locations by 2014.

Advanced Pediatric Resuscitation Courses (APRC)

These workshops provide case-based and hands-on training to help participants to better deal with emergency medical situations involving young children. Nutricia Indonesia Fund is training trainers in advanced resuscitation skills and plans a national roll-out of workshops for Indonesian pediatricians.

Online Symposiums

This is the first web-based education symposium in the history of IDAI. Bi-weekly web-based courses are directed and distributed by PP IDAI for pediatricians across Indonesia. These accredited Continuing Medical Education programs were launched in 2010 and are conducted on the first and third Wednesday every month. By the middle of 2012, more than 2000 health care professionals, or nearly 40% of pediatricians nationwide, participated in Nutricia Indonesia Fund online symposiums. Topics and schedules can be found on the IDAI website at or the Nutricia Indonesia Fund website at

NIF Educational Grants

Launched in 1995, this program provides education support for young Indonesian pediatricians. The Scholarship Award is a three-month internship program for junior teaching staff. Nutricia Indonesia Fund has granted 57 scholarships to junior teaching staff and facilitated 9 doctorate programs. Scholarships are awarded to The First Pediatric Oncology in Indonesia, Klinik Estela RS Prof. Kandou Manado, the General Movement Center and RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya. In 2003, Nutricia Indonesia Fund launched Support Awards to provide partial support for pediatric residents on research proposals and to facilitate national examinations. From 2006 to 2011, this program supported more than 500 pediatric residents from across Indonesia.
To learn more about accredited courses and knowledge sharing opportunities, visit the Nutricia Indonesia Fund website at