Nutricia Research

Nutricia Research primarily focuses on unravelling the composition, structure and functionality of human milk ingredients to better understand nutritional needs and develop early life nutrition products
About Nutricia Research

Our research focuses on three main areas:

Nutricia Research employs more than 1,200 people representing more than 20 different nationalities.  That includes more than 200 scientists, more than 80 of whom have PhD degrees.

Headquartered in Wegeningen, the Netherlands, we have three dedicated ISO-certified research facilities, including our state-of-the-art research lab in Singapore that leads clinical trials in Asia, including Indonesia.  Click here to learn more about Our Research in Asia.

Our hallmark commitment to research includes close collaborations, partnerships and open dialogue with research institutes, universities, hospitals and industry suppliers around the globe. In Nutricia Research, we have worked with more than 100 international universities, 125 hospitals and have published over 350 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of maternal & child nutrition since the 1980’s. Of those publications, 57 scientific articles have contributed to the knowledge of human milk science since 1981. Click here to see the milestones of our Human Milk Research

We now have over 55 peer-reviewed publications focused on our unique blend of ingredients that have been shown in infants and young children to nutritionally support the immune system. The term ‘peer reviewed’ means that all the research is assessed by independent experts to ensure it is of the highest scientific quality and unbiased. All of our preclinical and clinical research is carried out and executed according to accepted scientific and ethical standards.

This extensive global knowledge network allows Nutricia to work with worldwide experts, hospitals and universities to ensure that its research is relevant to its local markets, including Indonesia. In Indonesia we have partnered with credible institutions such as SEAFAST, SEAMEO and many others.  In addition, we routinely invite healthcare professionals, health policy makers and scientific experts to our research facilities to share ideas and discuss the latest research behind our products, including experts from Indonesia.


What We Have Learned About Human Milk Ingredients

Nutricia fully supports the 2003 WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation that that all infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life, and thereafter complementary feeding should be introduced, with breastfeeding continuing as long as possible for up to two years.

We have key expertise in the application of high end instrumentation  to help unravel the complex composition of human milk.

  • We have record of one of our earliest contracts from Bledina in France in 1975 with the main research objective of identifying bifidogenic factors from human milk.
  • We have record of our first Publication in 1981, which identified a new procedure to isolate phospholipids from total lipid extracts in human milk.

With over 30 years of research into the composition & functionality of breast milk and extensive research programs focusing specifically on the immune and digestive systems, Nutricia Research continues to provide new findings and scientific insights in support of the benefits of breast milk in optimizing infant development.