Health Education and Economic Stimulation

Nutricia brings together a team of partners to work closely with community leaders & mothers to assess challenges in giving children proper nutrition.

Nutricia recognizes our corporate responsibility to promote sustainable health education for mothers and children in the communities we serve. That is why we have developed POS PAUD YANDU CERDAS in collaboration with PERGIZI PANGAN and IPB, groups that share our passion and commitment to creating a brighter future for children in Indonesia.

This is a sustainable health education program integrating Healthy Nutrition, Education and Stimulation into a single community development program. The pilot is focused on a West Java community in Sentul Bogor surrounding a Nutricia manufacturing facility. The area currently has 15 Pos Yandus, health community centers for mothers and children, where among the services provided are free immunization. There are also four PAUD, or schools for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten age children, typically from impoverished families.

Nutricia helped bring together a team of partners including IPB and PERGIZI PANGAN to work closely with community leaders and mothers to assess challenges mothers have giving their children proper nutrition. We identified numerous reasons that both the Pos Yandu and PAUDs suffer from low participation rates.

The program is designed to strengthen the services provided by Pos Yandu and PAUDs while also encouraging participation. It includes training for caregivers and tutors, education for the community and families, as well as creating new economic opportunities for disadvantaged mothers.

The program kicked off in late 2012 with the goal of being a model for sustainable health and economic improvement. Stay tuned for updates and progress.

Gebyar PAUD 2013 in Citereup Subdistrict

Gebyar PAUD is an annual event held by HIMPAUDI in the Citereup subdistrict. This year, Gebyar PAUD was held on April 4, 2013, at the PT. Indosemen hall. This program, dedicated for all PAUD in Citereup subdistrict, aims at building confidence at an early age, allowing students to optimize their creativity, ability and courage.

This program featured the participation of 29 PAUD, comprising 949 students with activities consisting of baton and ball relay competition, mini footbal, flag running, pyramid making, tug of war and also featuring entertainment from PAUD students in Citereup subdistrict. Pos PAUD Cerdas itself encouraged all its students to participate in the competition.

This year’s Gebyar PAUD was the first for Pos PAUD CERDAS. Surprisingly, the students were able to participate well in the competition, as they had prepared themselves a month prior to the competition, with help from tutors in school. Competition in Gabyar PAUD program was not in search of a winner, thus all participants received the same trophy, including students from Pos PAUD CERDAS. Their willingness to participate in the competition without being accompanied by parents, demonstrated their confidence and courage, making the parents and tutors of Pos PAUD CERDAS proud. The tutors hope that next year, the students of Pos PAUD CERDAS can re-enter Gebyar PAUD with higher creativitiy and courage.