Employee Voices

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. They share, commit and live up to the Nutricia values.
What Inspired Them to Join Nutricia


employee1“I applied to Nutricia shortly after securing a bachelor’s degree because I was inspired by a Nutrilon Royal ad that conveyed a message of achievement and primeness. It persuaded me to join and become a part of the Nutricia team. It’s the Nutrilon Royal tagline ‘Life Starts Here’. That suits me perfectly; I started my career here and hope that it is here my bright future begins.” – Eko Ariwibowo (MT, Marketing)


employee2“Prior to submitting my job application, I already knew some facts about Nutricia, including that it is a fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) firm with a focus on dairy products and one of Danone Group’s largest companies. This convinced me that it was a good company to work for.” – Elisabeth Simangungsong (Secondary Sales Data Analyst)



employee3“I knew Nutricia was a sound multinational firm. Before I joined Nutricia, it thrilled me to think of how it felt to work here. Now, as one of the company’s employees, I really enjoy its working environment and I adore my nice colleagues. There are many things I still need to learn here. Furthermore, Nutricia  is strong in research, which is paramount for the Science and Regulatory Affairs department.” – Fenta Yanuwati (Manager, Regulatory Affairs),


The Nutricia’s Philosophies That They Believe In


employee4“It’s the Great Place to Grow. This is a thing I personally experience through daily interactions with colleagues and senior staff. We always have the opportunity for self-development here.” – Indar Khaerunnisa (Sales Admin, Sales)



employee5“In my opinion, the company is committed to bringing workplace health and safety to the forefront. This in turn finds support from health-conscious employees. In addition, they are also fond of playing sports; you can find many ‘sports clubs’ here. At the Sales division, we have futsal, tennis, basketball and swimming clubs. This indirectly helped me lead a healthier lifestyle.” – Reza Apriliano (Key Account Manager, Sales)


employee6“I agree with the company’s ‘You are what you eat’ philosophy, since eating right is the most direct way toward creating a healthier nation. Health is a lifelong process beginning from infancy, and consuming milk during this early development stage helps in achieving that goal.” – Saskia Piscesa (Regulatory & Scientific  Affairs Officer, Regulatory Affairs)