Early Life Nutrition Education and Support

This is our commitment to helping Indonesian health and nutrition experts work with moms to tackle childhood malnutrition.

The science is clear. Interaction between genetics and environment including nutrition, known as epigenetic, plays an important role in determining the risk of chronic diseases in later life. Well-planned early life nutrition is critical for young children as their little bodies work to develop a healthy immune system, strong bone structure, brain function and motor skills. We also know that optimal early life nutrition can have a major impact on health later in life, helping reduce the likelihood that as adults, these children will suffer from heart disease, hypertension or diabetes.

While many people talk about the first 1,000 days being the most essential, mothers are now aware that nutrition planning is important from pregnancy to early childhood period. That’s why in Indonesia today dieticians and nutritionists are playing an increasingly important role helping mothers instill healthy nutrition habits with their children. We also know today that the importance of early life nutrition and metabolic imprinting starts when the conception happens.

Nutricia and SEAFAST collaborated in 2010-2011 to study nutrition intake of pre-pregnant, pregnant and breastfeeding women in Bogor. More than 623 of women participating in the research showed signs of insufficient nutrition that could potentially lead to low birthweight in newborns. Problems identified in the study included low energy intake, protein intake below the Recommended Daily Allowance and deficiencies in micronutrients including zinc, iron, folic acid and vitamins C and A.

That study was the first step in the development of our Early Life Nutrition initiative. Nutricia is collaborating with Indonesia Nutritionist Association (INA) and Perkumpulan Obstetri dan Ginekologi Indonesia (POGI) to generate awareness among health practitioners and the public on the importance of early life nutrition fulfillment.

Nutricia kicked off the ELN initiative with the Indonesia ELN National Symposium in concert with INA and the National Medical Nutrition Society. The symposium brought together professors and experts in medical nutrition from 16 17 of the country’s leading medical faculties. We are in the process of rolling out the ELN symposium program to 17 cities across the nation.

ELN is our commitment to helping Indonesian health and nutrition experts work with moms to tackle childhood malnutrition and help prevent nutrition-related communicable diseases.