Nutrilon Royal Pronutra+ Media Visit to Nutricia Research Singapore (December 12, 2013)
December 12, 2013
  Early Life Nutrition (ELN) provides complete and balanced nutrition  in a child’s early life to support the development of brain, immune system and physical growth since early stage of their lives. Derived from this knowledge Nutricia develops growing up milk  Nutrilon Royal with Pronutra+  to meet the needs of growing children early age and becomes the basis of their long-term health
Bebemama Launch Press Conference (November 6, 2013)
November 6, 2013
Bebemama is not solely obout products, it also offers Complete Love services that always provides assistance for parents during pregnancy and child development through Bebeclub. PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera is commited to help mom enjoy a wonderful pregnancy and meet the nutritional needs since early stage of pregnancy
Bebelac Fruit and Veggie Launch Press Conference (September 26, 2013)
September 26, 2013
PT Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera launched  Complete Fruits and Veggies Bebelac for child’s growth and develpmente. The product contains 28 fruits and vegetables with Micronutrients
Newsroom Visit to Berita Satu Group (September 18, 2013)
September 18, 2013
The next media visit took Nutricia to Berita Satu Group. The discussion was a highly unique experience as it did not only involve head editors from one media outlet, but three: Suara Pembaruan, and Investor Daily. The session was most insightful as it saw an exchange of feedback and inputs invaluable to Nutricia Indonesia’s future initiatives.      
Newsroom Visit to LKBN Antara (August 28, 2013)
August 28, 2013
Nutricia Indonesia had the opportunity to visit to one of the most prominent media houses in Indonesia, Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara (LKBN Antara). Its services range from providing news coverage and photos as well as data services; stock market information (Indonesia Market Quote/IMQ); press release distribution (PRWire); and journalism (Lembaga Pendidikan Jurnalistik Antara). The newsroom visit is one of Nutricia’s initiatives to deepen relations with Indonesian media and to discuss the importance of Early Life Nutrition.     
Nutricia’s Bloggers Fast Breaking Session (July 27, 2013)
July 27, 2013
Fasting month this year was graced with a blogger get-together or better known as kopi darat/ kopdar. The kopdar was held for Nutricia and those that are passionate about health. The get-together was attended by some of social media’s most celebrated figures as well as representatives from Nutricia on Saturday, July 27, 2013 in Te Sate Restaurant, Pacific Place. During the opportunity, participants were able to share their experiences on children nutrition and health, as well as to directly interact with health practitioners in attendance.  
Newsroom Visit to Goodhousekeeping and Mother&Baby (June 10, 2013)
June 10, 2013
Nutricia had the opportunity to visit Goodhousekeeping and Mother&Baby – both under the MRA group. On this occasion, Nutricia provided an introduction and discussed the importance of recognizing nutrition at an early age through Early Life Nutrition.
Newsroom Visit to (May 21, 2013)
May 21, 2013
Nutricia Indonesia’s introduction to Indonesian media does not stop at print media. Nutricia also enjoyed the opportunity to visit, one of the most prominent Indonesian online media, to establish a rapport with editors and senior journalists from the health desk.
Newsroom Visit to Media Indonesia and Metro TV (March 26, 2013)
March 26, 2013
In the visit to Media Indonesia, Nutricia Indonesia was greeted by the editors and several senior editors assigned to the health desk. Other than the team from Media Indonesia, several representatives from Metro TV also joined in to introduce one of Indonesia’s leading news stations.
Newsroom Visit to Tabloid Nova and Nakita (February 22, 2013)
February 22, 2013
Nutricia Indonesia kicked off the new year by visiting one of the most prominent women’s and family-oriented publications from Kompas Gramedia Group. The visit was one Nutricia’s initiatives to deepen its relationship with Indonesian media and to discuss the importance of Early Life Nutrition. The activity did not only entail a discussion, but also a visit to the kitchen area designated as the hosting venue for cooking-related activities.