Bebegames 2012: Celebrating the Art of Play!

Play time is one of the most important times in a child’s life.  Kids learn so much through playing.  They home their motor skills.  They learn respect for others and how to share.  Play helps build a positive attitude and promotes good social skills.  It raises kids’ spirits and help build their confidence.

Bebegames is the first stadium-like park for children in Indonesia. Imagine a giant tent packed with kids having a ball.  There are many different activities including athletic games, gymnastics, a triathlon, ball games, racing games and even a small pool for some water sports.

Bebestar: Where Every Child is a Star!

At Nutricia, we see beauty and talent in every child.  Every youngster has their own unique abilities, ideas, passions and talents.  They just need a little help – and inspiration – expressing themselves.  They also need help developing confidence, social skills and ability to communicate.

That’s where Bebestar comes in.  Bebelac created BebeStar to give moms across Indonesia a platform to help their little angels shine.  Because every child is a Star!  And because at Nutricia we believe balanced nutrition is about whole health.  That includes experiences and opportunities to develop a child’s character along with their minds and bodies.

Bebebola 2010: Having a Ball while Bonding with Kids

Sports are not only fun for kids, but they are great for developing motor skills and coordination.  And for generations, playing sports has helped parents and children bond together.

And what sport do Indonesian’s love above all others?  Football, of course.

That’s why Bebelac built mini football stadiums in stores and malls around Indonesia.  Children and their parents got to take a break from shopping, kicking goals, honing their keeper skills and practicing dribbling and passing.

If you missed Bebebola 2010, you can still get in on the fun with our interactive game at