An Enriching History

For over 100 years Nutricia has been at the forefront of innovation in infant nutrition
Pioneering Infant Nutrition Since 1896

Nutricia was founded in 1896 to work with parents and healthcare professionals to improve the quality of children’s diet and promote early life nutrition through products, advice and support.  For over 100 years Nutricia has been at the forefront of innovation in infant nutrition. We have pioneered some of the most important breakthroughs, innovations documented through medical research and clinical trials to promote healthy brain and immune system development.
Our pioneering efforts in innovation to promote early life nutrition continue today.  At the heart of our work is our commitment to science-driven research and development, quality manufacturing, and ensuring that we recruit and develop people who share our respect for the responsibility we have to promote the health of the mothers and children who use our products.


Nutricia Indonesia: 100% Dedicated to Early Life Nutrition Products

Our signature product lines, Bebelac, Nutrilon Royal and Nutrilon have specialized formulas to promote healthy, balanced nutrition for moms, babies and toddlers at critical stages of development, from pregnancy through early childhood.  Nutricia products integrate nutrients proven to help promote growth and metabolism, brain and gut development for a healthy immune system.  Our products are based on the only patented formulation on the market validated by more than a dozen clinical trials and published in accredited medical journals.

Founded in Indonesia in 1987, we have a workforce of 610 employees with a dedicated professional medical team supporting 8 regional offices and 43 branch offices across Indonesia.  We opened our first production facility in Ciracas, East Jakarta, in 1989, and now operate a second facility in Sentul Bogor, West Java. Both facilities are ISO 9000 certified for quality management on baby food production and HACCP 9000 certified for food safety and hygiene.  These plants produce specialized baby nutrition products exported across the region, serving as a hub for Nutricia’s operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


Our Global Network of Knowledge and Expertise

Nutricia is part of Danone, a world leader in healthy nutrition. As well as having an extensive global network, Nutricia has major research centers in The Netherlands and in Singapore with over 300 scientists and technologists,  dedicated to improving early life nutrition for as many mothers and children as possible. This extensive global network allows us to work with worldwide experts, hospitals and universities to ensure that our research and development is relevant to local markets including Indonesia.