Our Values in Life

Nutricia is about caring and showing integrity in the field of mothers and children nutrition.

We Value Giving Children a Healthy Start to Life

value-1Children are the most precious and vulnerable in our society and we believe that healthy nutrition in the first 1,000 days can leave an imprint that lasts a lifetime. In Indonesia we face the double burden challenge. We have a history of children growing up under-nourished. One in every three children under age 5 suffers from stunted growth. That’s more than 7.6 million Indonesia children whose healthy growth and development is affected due to malnutrition.

Today we also face the new challenge of children growing up over-nourished. Over-nourishment can lead to early childhood obesity and create life-long health challenges. Early childhood obesity is one of the greatest risk factors for developing diabetes as well as suffering cardiovascular and heart problems later in life.

These are complex challenges that require private companies to collaborate with the government, public health community and social leaders to help mothers provide all children with proper healthy nutrition choices.

We Value Collaboration


We collaborate with health care professionals across Indonesia – pediatricians, OB/GYNs, nutritionists, dieticians, midwives, hospital administrators and educators. We share common ideals and goals: to help ensure all Indonesian families have access to the world-class healthcare they need and deserve. We founded the Nutricia Indonesia Fund in partnership with the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) in 1987 to provide accredited ongoing education, knowledge sharing symposiums, scholarships and other programs to help ensure our country develops a world-class pediatrician community.

Our Early Life Nutrition educational support program in partnership with the Indonesian Nutritionists Association (INA)is dedicated to educate health practitioners in Indonesia on the importance of early life nutrition for long term health. We look forward to collaborating with the government of Indonesia and public health groups to help make Scaling-Up Nutrition (SUN) a model for attacking our nation’s double burden challenge.

We Value Science


With more than 200 research scientists in three dedicated facilities, including our state-of-the-art research lab in Singapore leading clinical trials in Indonesia. Over the last 30 years Nutricia has been at the forefront of breakthrough innovation in infant and toddler nutritional science. Our research led to the first-ever introduction of prebiotics for gut health and immune system development as well as AADH or fatty acids in child nutrition products to promote faster, more complete brain development.

We invest hundreds of millions into research and development to study the unique natural composition and healthy attributes of breast milk to create products that mimic the qualities in breast milk that help develop healthy immune systems and promote brain and bone growth.

We Value Field to Spoon Quality Control


Moms need to trust they are giving their little ones the exact nutrition, ingredients, vitamins and minerals we promise on our packaging. That trust starts with how we source our raw materials and select suppliers who share our commitment to quality. And it extends through every step in the manufacturing and testing process.

We carefully select the finest raw materials from supplier partners proven to meet stringent quality standards consistently used by Danone Groupe companies around the world. We promote biovigilance in every phase of production. All raw materials entering our facilities are tested, weighed and tracked via computerized bar codes. A closed production process protects air quality and employees undergo rigorous hygiene screening to help prevent any bacteria from entering the facility.

Every batch we produce is tested in accredited labs to ensure quality and consistency. And we use sophisticated tracking systems through every aspect of our supply chain, manufacturing process, shipping and retail distribution, all designed so moms can trust every spoonful of Nutricia products they give to their little loved ones.

We Value Listening


Listening to our employees, our supply chain and distribution partners, and to mothers, caregivers and health professionals across Indonesia. Listening is where we get our inspiration for product innovation. It’s where we get ideas for new services for mothers. It’s how we develop new support and education programs for healthcare professionals. And it’s where our community development programs come from.

One of our favorite listening tools is the Danone People Survey, where we engage every employee across our organization worldwide in an ongoing dialogue to learn how we can better deliver on our mission every day.

We Value Family…Ours and Yours


Danone is known worldwide for excellence in developing outstanding professionals. The Nutricia culture and shared values bring us together as a family with a common mission, to bring the best possible nutrition and care for our customers’ families. We believe that a happy, healthy employee is key to delivering on our mission. That happiness starts at home, which is why we bring a family approach to our employee development.

From education awards for Outstanding Achievement to extended family benefits and maternity leave, and from promoting a healthy work environment to providing employee and family health education. We recognize and embrace the health of the family to help ensure we keep the very best people focused on bringing optimal nutrition and support services for your family.

We Value Sustainable Development


We believe all companies have a responsibility to sustainable community and economic development. Contributing to building strong communities where our employees work and raise their families helps make us a better business. This year we launched the Sugizindo Sustainable Development program in collaboration with PERGIZI PANGAN and IPB. The program integrates health services for mothers and children (Posyandu), early childhood education (PAUD) and creative economy development for the mothers. Early life nutrition education to the mothers & health practitioners in the surrounding area is included in the program.