A Noble Mission

Nutricia is dedicated to improving today’s and tomorrow’s generation through early life nutrition with care, insight and expertise.
We Believe That Healthy Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days Can Leave an Imprint That Lasts a Lifetime

Nutricia is committed to developing new products, services and technologies to help moms put their children on the right path through those first 1,000 days to give them every advantage to live a healthy life. 

We actively engage and collaborate with mothers, physicians and caregivers to provide education, personalized support and child development programs to help ensure the health and prosperity of Indonesia’s next generation.

The heart of our mission is promoting healthy, balanced nutrition for moms, babies and toddlers.  Bebelac, Nutrilon Royal and Nutrilon are formulated with nutrients the are proven to help develop a healthy immune system, improve metabolism and promote brain development at that critical stage where early life nutrition can make a lifetime of a difference.
We are committed to providing moms with unconditional support.  That support starts with our 24/7 Careline and our online communities, Bebeclub and Nutriclub, as well as numerous wholesome family events and programs designed to help stimulate character growth along with physical growth.

Delivering on this mission requires the care, dedication and expertise of every Nutricia employee, each equally committed to doing their part to help moms across Indonesia give the very best nutrition to their children. 


Our Commitment to Exclusive Breastfeeding in the First 6 Months of Life

We fully support that breast milk from birth to 6 months old is the best form of nutrition for children and always strive to fully comply with government regulations on marketing and promoting child nutrition products.  Breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby.  Breast milk naturally provides everything a baby needs for good early life nutrition:  fats, carbohydrates, protein and iron among other nutrients.  That’s why healthcare professionals universally agree that babies should be fed exclusively with breast milk for the first six months of life. 


Indonesia has done a tremendous job improving the overall state of child nutrition and health over the last 15 years.  Investing in education for mothers and supporting the continued development of a world-class healthcare system has dramatically reduced infant mortality rates and helped put millions of children on the right path to a healthy life through early life nutrition.  We are committed to partnership with government leaders, health care professionals, universities and social institutions to help tackle Indonesia’s double burden challenge.